"Stamoglou Emm. & Sons Co" is located in Asclepios 14 in Kos. It comes from generation to generation from the 1950s that started in a shop on Perik Street. Ioannidis selling and repairing BIANCI and LENIANO bikes!!

After several years of constant steps in their own premises of 1,400 sq. m, houses the companies of Piaggio-Vespa-Gillera-Derbi-MOTOGUZI-APRILLIA, Bicycle GIANT-FOCUS-KALKHOFF-UNIVEGA-ORIENT-FORCE. They take over the full fitness equipment with gymnastics tools SPORTS ART-REEBOK-ADIDAS-BOXIN-PEGASUS-LIFE CARE. And all in exclusive to the island of Kos.

The Company deals exclusively with the sale of spare parts and accessories for all types of bicyclers and their riders (egg-electra-focus-univega-kalkhoff).