The customer if he has made his purchases from the online store has the possibility to exercise the right of withdrawal within 14 calendar days from the day he made his purchase. With the exercise of this right, he is obliged to return the products he bought in his original condition as they were sold (as new). The product must bear its original packaging which must be in excellent condition and with all accessories which may be contained or accompanied on the original market in the packaging. For products whose packaging is broken, the company does not guarantee acceptance of the refund. In such a case, the competent partner will contact the customer to inform him of the non-acceptance of the refund by explaining the reasons.

In the event that the customer has purchased, open and use the product, the company reserves the right not to complete the client's withdrawal. It shall also bear no liability in cases where the client has caused injury or total damage to the product in the wrong way or in cases of use which exceeds the characteristics and functionality of the product.

Material returns shall not be accepted if the products are a specific customer demand and their purchase has been made for the sole consumer demand, including orders from outside materials to serve the customer's demand. In these cases the sole responsibility lies with the client.

The company's return policy excludes products marked in an offer, stock house and products that are exhibit, without or incomplete packaging. In these cases the customer does not have the right to withdraw.

In all cases, the products you wish to return must be accompanied by the necessary legal documents and sales documents. If the costs of sending the product back exceed the cost of the universal postal service, they are not covered by the Emm.D. Stamoglou & Sons Co and burden the customer. In the event of loss, damage or destruction of the products during their mission, Emm.D. Stamoglou & Sons Co bears no responsibility.

For defective materials which are under warranty please contact the shop or the representative of the company that has served you. The materials which are within the guarantee shall be assessed by the company and the supplier of the material in order to analyse the cause of the problem and where the problem does not come from the fault of the customer-buyer then the conditions of guarantees laid down by the European Union and the supplier are followed.

another transport company is selected, we cannot guarantee the reception times for the products you return to us. After we receive the product, we will directly process your request and inform you by email or by telephone for how it is handled. After the return of the product, and if approved by the Company, the material is replaced with new material identical to the original customer's purchase. As long as there is a failure to replace the material, the customer shall be compensated to the full amount, either by a corresponding deposit in his bank account, which he has completed on the return form required to accompany the returned goods, or by crediting the amount of money on the tab he holds in our company.

In the case of consignments of orders that have reached the recipient with some damage, break or wear with the fault of the carrier, the customer must make known to the company

Emm.D. Stamoglou & Sons Co Any problem that has arisen with the materials of his order within 24 hours of receiving the package. The customer must keep the packaging, packaging materials and any documents accompanying the consignment of the package in order to be received by a competent department and to initiate a resolution of the matter. Beyond the pre-established space, the company reserves the right not to replace the defective product.